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Ixotrack livestock monitoring solution

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  • Ixotrack collar for livestock monitoring.
  • Access to the app for PC and mobile to manage and visualize your livestock.
  • Alert system via email and WhatsApp.
  • LoRaWAN Total Connectivity Package with antenna included.
  • First year of subscription free. (4€/month from the second year on).
  • Human support 24/7 forever.


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What does our Ixotrack livestock monitoring solution have?

1. Ixotrack collar

Our livestock monitoring collar is equipped with: GPS, 3-axis accelerometer, Bluetooth and rechargeable battery. Also, it has passed the most exhaustive tests in resistance and connectivity in areas with complex orographies and low or no coverage.

Ixotrack livestock collar

Collar features:
      • Geolocation: Every hour with an accuracy of up to 2 meters
      • Sensors: Motion and activity detection
      • Communication: LoRaWAN network
      • Encapsulated: Robust and weather resistant (IP65)
      • Size: 113 x 83 x 38 mm (300g)
      • Mounting: Using a 4 cm wide collar
      • Autonomy: More than 1 year (configurable)
      • Battery: Rechargeable with inductive wireless base

2. App for PC and Mobile + Alerts via WhatsApp

The functionalities of our platform are designed based on the needs of the farmers themselves, highlighting localization, detection of behaviors with sending of alerts and the private area on our platform to make a integral management of the livestock farm.

2.1 Location

With our location system you can obtain the current position of each animal in your herd (with 5 meters of precision).

Localization system for livestock in the high mountains

In addition, you can review the history of positions and the the path made by an animal in a given time.

Path of an animal in a given time


2.2 Detection and alert system

Our solution is designed to collect the data the collar obtains from each animal periodically and send this data through long-range, low-power networks (LORA, NB-IOT). These data are then stored and analyzed analytically by applying them Artificial Intelligence for its interpretation.Finally, all that information collected is offered to the farmer on the platform and via email and WhatsApp alerts. 

Data collection and analysis with Artificial Intelligence

List of available alerts:
      • Anomaly in the behavior of the animal.
      • Loss of the animal in the event that it is outside the defined area.
      • Death or critical condition of the animal to be able to act quickly.
  List of alerts soon available:
      • Animal heat to increase the coverage ratio.
      • Covering and pregnancy to know which animals have been covered and discover fertility problems more easily.
      • Animal birth to know which animal is in labor and anticipate possible problems.

2.3 Private area with digital history

From your private area you can manage your farm data, and you can check the current status of each of your animals.

Information and current status of the animal


3. LoRaWAN network connectivity

The LoRaWAN network that the Ixotrack solution uses is characterized by the following points:
      • Wide coverage range that allows a very long distance connectivity (up to 20 KM).
      • Secure connection through triple encryption so there is no risk of data theft.
      • Very low power consumption allowing a battery life of at least one year.
      • Geolocation with high tolerance to obstacles and interference both indoors and outdoors.
      • Coverage everywhere no matter if there is little or no signal.

4. 24/7 human support

We know the importance of humane and personalized treatment when solving any eventuality before, during and after the acquisition of the solution. Therefore, we offer a human and fully personalized support 24/7 and forever for any questions or problems that may arise at any time. Do not hesitate to contact us in the way you prefer and we will assist you immediately: