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Cuidado animalAnimal welfareData that allows you to take better care of your animals.
FertilidadMore fertile livestockIncrease the performance of your farm.
Mejora de engordeImprove fatteningBy measuring weight gain and controlling feeding.
Ahorra tiempoSave timeThanks to an easy and intuitive app.
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Hello, farmer!

Ixorigue is the easy and intuitive solution for making decisions based on the data from your livestock.

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Save time and gain peace of mind with our GPS collars for cattle

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Our farmers

If there is something that matters to us at Ixorigue, it is our customers, these are just some examples of their experience with us.

Luis Alfonso

Luis Alfonso is a family cattleman and has replaced the cowbell with geolocation collars, now in addition to knowing where his animals are at all times, he saves time when reviewing that they are all well, preventing diseases or helping them in case of a birth alert.

José María

Juan has an area of risk in one of his grazing areas where his animals access, sometimes they have difficulty getting out. Thanks to the alerts he receives from Ixorigue, he can rescue his animals sooner, reducing their stress and avoiding further injury.

Juan Manuel

In this video, a cattleman from the Pyrenees tells us about the importance of digitalization in the livestock sector. “We have to start looking for solutions like this, for the business to have a future, otherwise it will disappear”.

Vacas en un campoFoto de un granjero

A few weeks ago I detected that one of my cows was not going to the drinking area, the next day, it was still in the same spot. I checked its 48h route and it had barely moved, I warned the vet and it was infected with EHE. Thanks to early detection I was able to save my cow.



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